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Me (re)watching Hannibal:

-hysterical laughter, followed by “that’s fucked up man”

-distraughtly touching screen

-clutching chest

-no no no no

-/wow this is so gruesome, how did I get through this before?/

-gasps for air at all willana scenes

-*hand movements of flames out ears* boosshchchh

-pulls eyelids down in despair

-wincing in pain

But no really, watch this show…..

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Anonymous asked: willana.


Jesus fuck anon you sent this literally two seconds after the thing was posted I’m in awe of you, honestly. 

(also for this anon)

  • who falls asleep on the couch: Both of them. Sometimes they come home drunk and stumbling and laughing and decide the bed is too far of a hike and take all the pillows off the couch and collapse on there still giggling like a bunch of 5-year-olds. Or sometimes they’re just hanging out there watching tv or reading and petting the dogs or something and fall asleep accidentally on each other’s shoulders and wake up in the morning with crooks in their necks and smiles on their faces. Or sometimes they get kinda tipsy on wine and have sex on the couch giggling like a bunch of 5 year olds AGAIN and eventually Will is like “ok let’s actually go to bed” and Alana makes some drowsy comment about already being asleep and Will is like “I mean PROPERLY” but she won’t budge so he has to pick her up and carry her there or sometimes he just gives in and lets her pull him down too. idk man I have lots of feelings about Will and Alana and their couch ok.
  • who wakes up first: Will sometimes wakes up first and has those first few seconds of forgetting where he is but it’s so much worse for him because he could be in a prison cell or alone in the dark drowning in his sweat-drenched sheets but then he feels Alana on his arm and everything snaps back into focus and it’s like the world has let out his own sigh of relief. And of course they both have nightmares so sometimes they both wake up in the middle of the night together and don’t fall back asleep until it’s light or not at all and sometimes it’s shocking when they don’t wake up at all and so they always have to ask, “nightmares?” in the morning just in case (because the worst thing would be if either of them had to fend the nightmares by themselves for fear of waking the other up even though they remind each other incessantly that they don’t mind) and the best thing is when the other answers, “no nightmares”. 
  • who cooks the most: Will likes to cook the fish he catches and Alana loves to bake but generally they alternate but then again one of their favorite pastimes is also ordering takeout.
  • who’s in charge of the tv remote: They don’t really watch TV tbh (I don’t even think Will owns one) so the only thing they’d have to compromise on like that is the record player but they have a pretty extensive record collection and can generally compromise easily enough because it’s mostly just background noise (although they sometimes turn it up and dance around the living room). 
  • who takes the longest getting ready: Alana 100%. Will just throws on a flannel and often forgets to comb his hair until Alana pesters him about it. But she obviously has a whole beauty regime that he pretends to roll his eyes at but secretly finds it endearing. 
  • who takes up most of the bed: THE DOGS DO. But they don’t mind because it just means they have to curl in really close together and they’d do that anyways. 
  • if/what pets they have: LIKE 5 BILLION DOGS. Except eventually in RD Molly gives Will’s away to animal services and then there’s just Applesauce which becomes ~~their dog~~ haha I’m not ok.

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idk man I have lots of feelings about Will and Alana and their couch ok.

Same man, same…..

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